Quran Memorization course

Quran Memorisation course

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To put it simply, memorization of the Holy Quran means learning it by heart. Even during the era of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) writing things to store was not practiced. Instead, people used to memorize whatever knowledge they wanted to preserve. The same was the case with the verses of the Holy Quran. 

However, even today when the method of preservation is no longer difficult due to the advent of modern technology, memorization of the Holy Quran is an honor that Allah bestows upon a few chosen ones.

Take out time and effort to learn the divine message of Allah. Build your understanding of the meanings of the verses and the reasons behind their revelation. Apply these teachings in your daily life and manifest the ethics of being a good Muslim.

Course Outline

It is one of the miracles of the Holy Quran that it is the only book in the world that can be memorized word by word even by children and that too at a very young age.

While it is upon Allah to choose whoever He wishes to be the safe keeper of his divine message, the Quran, Alnoor Institute is here to provide you with the guidance and support to achieve the sacred honor of becoming a Hafiz/Hafizah.

The Quran Memorization course has three categories and you can enroll in any of them. They are:

  • Short Surah Memorization
  • Long Surah Memorization
  • Full Quran Memorization

There is no age limit for enrolling in any of the courses. Each course uses hands-on memorization and recitation practice techniques to aid the students in learning. You can set the pace of your course as per your availability and the amount of time you can dedicate each day. For beginners we emphasize memorization through listening but as you progress the focus is shifted more towards memorization through the reading of the Holy Quran.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Recite memorized surahs with proper tajweed
  • Have a deeper understanding of Quranic verses


Not everyone can teach the memorization course. As much as this course requires sheer dedication and perseverance on part of students; it requires an equal amount of commitment, sincerity, and knowledge of the Quran and Arabic language on part of the teacher. 

We are very much aware of that fact and so are our expert teachers. We choose only the best teachers to teach this course. Some of our teachers hold more than one Ijazah from Al-Azhar University and are experts in the field of Quranic education. Our teachers prepare students with single-minded focus and believe in review and reinforcement.