About Alnoor Institute

Alnoor Institute is determined to give you a chance to learn the Holy Quran systematically from the comforts of your home. We are pioneers in providing state-of-the-art purpose-driven one-on-one live sessions that best fit your busy schedules.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest teaching standards. Our selected panel of teachers is highly qualified graduates from Al-Azhar University with Ijazah in Quranic and Islamic studies. All the tutors understand the prestigious obligations of Quran teaching.

Our simple yet effective teaching methodologies are the very conventions that set us apart from others. One-on-one sessions are live and interactive, thereby, enabling students to get the teacher’s feedback immediately. A well-crafted curriculum ensures that the interest of students is maintained throughout the course and they don’t feel burdened at any point.

Why us?

Your refund

You can receive your refund within 2 weeks.

Carefully hand-picked materials

Carefully hand-picked materials for Quran and Arabic Language.

Arabic native teachers

We have a lot of expert female and male teachers who have the high skills in teaching.

Flexible Schedule

Flexible schedule (24 hours per 7 days per week).

Free trial class

Free trial class (you can join free trial class. No payment required).

1 to 1 online classes.

Keep the learning time for you only, it helps to add more practicing.

Our Courses

 We offer a variety of Quran, Islamic, and Arabic Language courses from beginner for both kids & adults.

Kids corner

Indeed, the best thing that parents can offer to their children in this life and the next is to teach them the Book of Allah. It is well-established fact that the best time to learn anything is from a young age. A child is quick to learn and remembers everything vividly. This is why we emphasize teaching the Quran to kids. In this regard, we have introduced different courses to make it easy for you to choose a level according to your child’s needs and capabilities.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, your child will have:

  1. A better understanding of the religion
  2. Understand the Ahkam in the light of religious knowledge
  3. Be a responsible Muslim
  4. Higher moral values
  5. A comprehensive vocabulary of the Quranic words
  6. Learned the stories from the Quran with actual references from the Ayah
  7. Be able to communicate fluently in Arabic
  8. Have a basic understanding of the language


our clients say

I'm very satisfied by your customer service and the teachers you provide are honest and dedicated. If there's any issue your, side resolves it very quickly. In other words, it's 5 stars.

Um Mikael Canada

We love our teacher. She’s very sweet and patient. And teaches very well.

UM Maryam Gilani USA

To be honest with you, I have never enjoyed one before. Alhamdulillah, I loved it. Yes so after a very long time, I think a teacher has satisfied me and you were not rushing as well.

Mariam Khan UK

It’s great and the teacher is so patient with the kids and she takes her time when she teaches them. I love how the way she share her screen and do the activities with my kids.

Um Lia USA

Al Noor institute is very good and helpful with all skills of Quran. That makes sure all times are set and makes sure you are on time. I would recommend joining this institute.

Hamzah Wahab USA

Alhamdulilah I’ve learned to read Quran better than I used to and I learn a lot.

Kinzah Wahab USA

The institute has a remarkable flexibility in terms of timing that suits international students. I'm very pleased to be a student in your institution. As a slow learner I have an outstanding teacher (Mrs Zainab) who understands and supports me in my Hifz. She always motivates me a lot.

Shamine Faryan India