Learn Arabic language step by step

learn Arabic language step by step

some people may ask themselves why should i learn Arabic especially if one is not Arabic native speaker, they may see that they don’t need the Arabic language as they use English with the electronic devices as laptops and mobiles.


so let me show you some benefits from learning Arabic language

1- first of all you can understand the holly Quran:-

allah said in the holly quran:-

إِنَّا أَنزَلْنَاهُ قُرْآنًا عَرَبِيًّا لَّعَلَّكُمْ تَعْقِلُونَ

allah sent down the Quran to propet muhammed in Arabic.

so when you know the meaning of the Arabic words, especially the words of Quran you can understand the ayat of the Quran, you will know the commands from Allah and you will try hard to obey the commands of Allah, and also you will avoid the actions that Allah swt doesn’t be pleased with them.

2- you can understand the hadith:-

as we know that prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him was born in makkah, and he p.b.u.h had spoken the Arabic .

so if you learn Arabic, you will be able to understand Alahadith and follow the Sunnah and be good Muslim.

3- the Arabic is language of the people of Jannah ( paradise)

imagine that you are speaking the language Allah chose for the people of Jannah, what a wonderful feelings.

3- many people seeking for learning Arabic to find jobs in the middle east countries like KSA and UAE:-

as we all know that many people work in these countries and learn Arabic language to be able to communicate with the Arab there.


now the question is how to learn Arabic?

as any language the learning of Arabic depends on 3 pillars (listening or Conversation _ reading and writing) so let me show you how to start your journey in learning Arabic

For the reading:-

Any Arabic word consists of number of letters.

the Arabic letters number are 29 letters, every letter has sound, this sound determined according to harakah written under or above the letter .

You will start with letters  and know the name of each one of them.

then you start short harakah like fathah which is a small dash drawn above the letter and you open your mouth when you read letter with fathah like ن with fathah na or س with fathah sa.

dammah which is small waw written above the letter and you make your lips as a circle when you want to pronoune a letter with dammah like م dammah mo or ش dammah sho.

and kasrah which is a small dash drawn under the letter and you descend your lower jaw when you pronounce letter with kasrah like ب kasrah be or ل kasrah le.

then the long harakat or the madd which will make the sound of harakah 2 beats instead of 1 beat, and the sukon nd shaddah.

After you finish all these lessons you will be able to read any word

if you learn that this letter أ withdammah above it give you the sound of o , and this letter م with kasrah under it give you the sound me, and this letter ر with fathah give you sound ra, if i tell you to read the word أُمِرَyou will say a then ma then ra so it will be omera.

some books can be useful for you in this stage like norani qaida or nour albayan.

you can start your classes of Arabic language with the best Arabic native experienced teachers, to book free trial class please click here

For the Conversation

You should start to listen to Arabic people like some scholars , and if there are translation for the videos it will be great in the beginning, and then you can try to listen to videos without translation.

Try to practice Arabic with native speakers, you may not understand at the begining but then you will be able to understand words and sentences better

Write Down every new word you learn and try to make sentences in Arabic, and this is the most important step to write and to practice how to use the new words in sentences.

and we also provide sessions to learn speaking Arabic or to improve your conversation with male and female native teachers.

for the Writing

Try to learn the shape of letter and how to Write letters at beginning, middle and end of the words, and if the letters stick to other letters or not as some letters don’t be sticked with the letters after them like ا – د – ذ – ر – ز – و

so if told you to write razaqa, it will be wriiten like this رَزَقَ.

If you do all these steps will it be easy to you to speak Arabic and understand it as the native speakers

The more effort you do, the more perfect you obtain.

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thank you for your time

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